October 30, 2015

[Writing Challenge] thirtyforthree | Parabellum - Frost/Sparrow/Galen

Found here.

1. bloodlines 2. kisses 3. giving up 4. surprise 5. love bites
6. if only 7. hugs 8. babies 9. talking over distance 10. rent
11. snowfall 12. alone 13. irritating people 14. forbidden 15. stop that
16. pillows 17. fever 18. clouds 19. time 20. far away
21. naptime 22. remembering 23. If it wasn't you... 24. dreaming 25. looking
26. hidden 27. fluffy things 28. get out 29. tattoo 30. touch

1. tell me 2. lost 3. package 4. serpent 5. claim
6. domestic 7. hair 8. groom 9. snow 10. whisper
11. emotion 12. why 13. reading 14. taste 15. thumb
16. sedation 17. riding 18. in other eyes 19. options 20. comfort
21. move 22. blood 23. alternative 24. song 25. pets
26. room 27. choice 28. you belong to me 29. water 30. date

October 28, 2015

[Writing Challenge] fc-smorgasbord | 108 Buddhist Defilements | Parabellum - Sparrow

Found here.

1.Ostentatiousness 2.Grudge 3.Gambling 4.Ingratitude
5.Dipsomania 6.Ambition 7.Dominance 8.Faithlessness
9.Manipulation 10.Stinginess 11.Pessimism 12.Hostility
13.Abuse 14.Debasement 15.Sexual Lust 16.Sarcasm
17.Humiliation 18.Jealousy 19.Gluttony 20.Unruliness
21.Hurt 22.Cruelty 23.Unkindness 24.Obstinacy
25.Envy 26.Indifference 27.Negativity 28.Furtiveness
29.Sadism 30.Enviousness 31.Derision 32.Falseness
33.High-handedness 34.Know-it-all 35.Rage 36.Aggression
37.Rapacity 38.Effrontery 39.Disrespectfulness 40.Hard-heartedness
41.Eagerness for Power 42.Lying 43.Insidiousness 44.Self-denial
45.Inattentiveness 46.Contempt 47.Wrath 48.Haughtiness
49.Greed for Money 50.Seducement 51.Vindictiveness 52.Insatiability
53.Voluptuousness 54.Excessiveness 55.Censoriousness 56.Dissatisfaction
57.Egoism 58.Ignorance 59.Hatred 60.Greed
61.Impudence 62.Imposture 63.Cursing 64.Imperiousness
65.Lecherousness 66.Callousness 67.Malignancy 68.Torment
69.Intolerance 70.Blasphemy 71.Shamelessness 72.Irresponsibility
73.Obsession 74.Prejudice 75.Arrogance 76.Violent Temper
77.Garrulity 78.Dogmatism 79.Presumption 80.Intransigence
81.Oppression 82.Prodigality 83.Lack of Understanding 84.Concealment of Wrongdoing
85.Pride 86.Conceitedness 87.Delusion 88.Quarrelsomeness
89.Self-hatred 90.Violence 91.Vanity 92.Hypocrisy
93.Stubbornness 94.Baseness 95.Pretense 96.Mercilessness
97.Disrespect 98.Ridicule 99.Masochism 100.Tyranny
101.Capriciousness 102.Deceit 103.Anger 104.Discord
105.Calculation 106.Unyielding 107.Desire for Fame 108.Deception

[Writing Challenge] fc_smorgasbord | Reasons People Have Sex | Parabellum

Found here.

1.I was "in the heat of the moment." 2.It just happened. 3.I was bored. 4.It just seemed like "the thing to do." 5.Someone dared me.
6.I desired emotional closeness (intimacy). 7.I wanted to feel closer to God. 8.I wanted to gain acceptance from my friends. 9.It's exciting, adventurous. 10.I wanted to make up after a fight.
11.I wanted to get rid of aggression. 12.I was under the influence of drugs. 13.I wanted to have something to tell my friends. 14.I wanted to express my love for the person. 15.I wanted to experience the physical pleasure/it feels good.
16.I wanted to show my affection to the person. 17.I felt like I owed it to the person. 18.I was attracted to the person. 19.I was sexually aroused and wanted the release. 20.My friends were having sex and I wanted to fit in.
21.My partner kept insisting. 22.The person was famous and I wanted to be able to say I had sex with him/her. 23.I was physically forced to. 24.I was verbally coerced into it. 25.I wanted the person to love me.
26.I wanted to have a child. 27.I wanted to make someone else jealous. 28.I wanted to have more sex than my friends. 29.I was married and you're supposed to. 30.I was tired of being a virgin.
31.I was "horny." 32.I wanted to feel loved. 33.I was feeling lonely. 34.Everyone else was having sex. 35.I wanted the attention.
36.It was easier to "go all the way" than to stop. 37.I wanted to ensure that the relationship was committed. 38.I was competing with someone else to "get" the person. 39.I wanted to "gain control" of the person. 40.I was curious about what the person was like in bed.
41.I was curious about sex. 42.I wanted to feel attractive. 43.I wanted to please my partner. 44.I wanted to display submission/be submissive. 45.I wanted to release anxiety/stress/tension.
46.I didn't know how to say no. 47.I felt like it was my duty. 48.I wanted to end the relationship. 49.My friends pressured me into it. 50.I wanted the experience.
51.I felt obligated to. 52.It's fun. 53.I wanted to get even with someone. 54.I wanted to be popular. 55.It would get me gifts.
56.I wanted to act out a fantasy. 57.I hadn't had sex for a while. 58.The person was "available." 59.I didn't want to lose the person. 60.I thought it would help "trap" a new partner.
61.I felt sorry for the person. 62.I wanted to feel powerful. 63.I wanted to "possess" the person. 64.I wanted to feel good about myself. 65.I was "slumming."
66.I felt rebellious. 67.I wanted to intensify my relationship. 68.It seemed like the natural next step. 69.I wanted to be nice. 70.I wanted to feel connected to the person.
71.I wanted to feel young. 72.I wanted to manipulate him/her into doing something for me. 73.I wanted him/her to stop bugging me about sex. 74.I wanted to hurt/humiliate the person. 75.I wanted the person to feel good about themselves.
76.I didn't want to disappoint the person. 77.I was trying to get over an earlier person/relationship. 78.I wanted to reaffirm my sexual orientation. 79.I wanted to try out new sexual techniques or positions. 80.I felt guilty.
81.My hormones were out of control. 82.It was the only way my partner would spend time with me. 83.It became a habit. 84.I wanted to keep my partner happy. 85.I had no self-control.
86.I wanted to communicate at a deeper level. 87.I was afraid my partner would have an affair if I didn't have sex with him/her. 88.I was curious about my sexual abilities. 89.I wanted a "spiritual" experience. 90.It was just part of the relationship routine.
91.I wanted to lose my inhibitions. 92.I got carried away. 93.I needed another "notch on my belt." 94.The person demanded that I have sex with him/her. 95.The opportunity presented itself.
96.I wanted to see what it would be like to have sex while "stoned." 97.It's considered taboo by society. 98.I wanted to increase the number of sex partners I had experienced. 99.The person was too sexy/attractive to resist. 100.I thought it would make me feel healthy.
101.I wanted to experiment with new experiences. 102.I wanted to see what it would be like to have sex with another person. 103.I thought it would help me to fall asleep. 104.It would allow me to "get sex out of my system" so that I could focus on other things. 105.It would damage my reputation if I said no.
106.I wanted to celebrate something. 107.I was seduced. 108.I was mad at my partner, so I had sex with someone else. 109.I wanted to fulfill a previous promise to my partner. 110.It was expected of me.
111.I wanted to dominate the other person. 112.I wanted to make a conquest. 113.I'm addicted to sex. 114.It was a favor to someone. 115.I wanted to be used or degraded.
116.Someone offered me money to do it. 117.I was drunk. 118.It seemed like good exercise. 119.I was pressured into doing it. 120.The person offered to give me drugs for doing it.
121.I was frustrated and needed relief. 122.It was a romantic setting. 123.My regular partner is boring, so I had sex with someone else. 124.I was on the rebound from another relationship. 125.Because of a bet.
126.I wanted to get a special favor from someone. 127.I wanted to get back at my partner for cheating on me. 128.I wanted to enhance my reputation. 129.I wanted to keep warm. 130.I wanted to punish myself.
131.I wanted to break up a rival's relationship by having sex with his/her partner. 132.I wanted to stop my partner's nagging. 133.I wanted to achieve an orgasm. 134.I wanted to improve my sexual skills. 135.I wanted to get a job/raise/promotion.
136.I wanted to satisfy a compulsion. 137.I wanted to change the topic of conversation. 138.I wanted to get out of doing something. 139.I wanted to test my compatibility with a new partner. 140.I wanted to get a partner to express love.
141.I wanted to put the passion back into my relationship. 142.I wanted to prevent a breakup. 143.I wanted to become one with another person. 144.I wanted to give someone else a sexually transmitted disease. 145.I wanted to break up someone else's relationship.
146.I wanted to avoid hurting someone's feelings. 147.I wanted to get rid of a headache. 148.I was afraid to say no due to the possibility of physical harm. 149.I wanted to hurt an enemy. 150.I wanted to feel older.
151.It was an initiation rite to a club or organization. 152.I wanted to say "I missed you." 153.I wanted to celebrate a birthday or anniversary or special occasion. 154.I wanted to say "I'm sorry." 155.I wanted to say "Thank you."
156.I wanted to welcome someone home. 157.I wanted to say "Goodbye." 158.I wanted to defy my parents. 159.I wanted to relieve menstrual cramps. 160.I wanted to relieve "blue balls."
161.I wanted to get the most out of life. 162.I wanted to feel feminine. 163.I wanted to feel masculine. 164.I wanted to see what all the fuss is about. 165.I thought it would boost my social status.
166.The person had a lot of money. 167.The person was a good dancer. 168.I heard this person was good in bed. 169.The person had beautiful eyes. 170.The person made me feel sexy.
171.An erotic movie had turned me on. 172.The person had taken me out for an expensive dinner. 173.The person was a good kisser. 174.The person had bought me jewelry. 175.The person had a great sense of humor.
176.The person seemed self-confident. 177.The person really desired me. 178.The person was really desired by others. 179.I wanted to gain access to that person's friend. 180.I felt jealous.
181.The person flattered me. 182.I wanted to see if I could get the other person into bed. 183.We were breaking up and I wanted to let them down easy. 184.The person smelled nice. 185.I saw the person naked and could not resist.
186.I was turned on by the sexual conversation. 187.The person was intelligent. 188.The person caressed me. 189.The person wore revealing clothes. 190.The person had too much to drink and I was able to take advantage of them.
191.I knew the person was usually "out of my league." 192.The person was mysterious. 193.I realized I was in love. 194.I wanted to forget about my problems. 195.I wanted to help my partner forget about their problems/I wanted to lift my partner's spirits.
196.I wanted to make my partner feel powerful. 197.I wanted to see whether sex with a different partner would feel different or better. 198.Writer's Choice 199.Writer's Choice 200.Writer's Choice

October 26, 2015

[Writing Challenge] 31-halloween | Ion

Found here.

1. orange blinking lights 2. skittles and starburst 3. chocolate 4. apple cider 5. bobbing for apples
6. mask 7. costumes / dressup 8. invitation 9. the party 10. trick-or-treat
11. the veil between the living and the dead 12. fall colors 13. ghostly excursions 14. witch's brew 15. black cats and paper mache bats
16. haunted 17. pumpkin carving 101 18. "That's scary!" 19. Friday the 13th 20. moonlight madness
21. popcorn balls 22. night of the werewolf 23. "I vant to suck your blood." 24. not suitable for young children 25. in the forest at midnight
26. paint 27. "the best kind of lawyer is..." 28. scream 29. the magic behind it 30. El Dia de los Muertos
31. Halloween

[Writing Challenge] 30-dreams | Dreamscape - Harmony Rey

Found here.

1. kiss 2. hug 3. touch/caress 4. vanilla 5. rose
6. awake or asleep 7. purple 8. disjointed 9. haunting 10. alluring
11. sweet melody 12. passion 13. drowning or falling 14. sleepwalking or sleeptalking 15. night, stars, and/or moon
16. white dragon 17. strawberries 18. treasure hunt 19. talking to god(s)* 20. endless corridor
21. peace or chaos 22. flying without wings 23. anything is possible 24. running with unicorns 25. phoenix and/or rebirth
26. when it's cold outside 27. every moment I'm awake 28. spirits within 29. breathe 30. dream and/or nightmare

*the word "god" is open to interpretation here; real dieties, fictional dieties, meta "dieties", etc.

[Writing Challenge] smut-69 | Parabellum - Sparrow

Found here.

1. Moan 2. Writhe 3. Satin 4. Lube 5. Ring
6. Restraints 7. Feather 8. Leather 9. Massage 10. Candle Wax
11. Ice 12. Oil 13. Thrust 14. Breast 15. Throat
16. Taut 17. Supple 18. Strained 19. Whisper 20. Lick
21. Kiss 22. Blindfold 23. Handcuffs 24. "Toys" 25. Orgy
26. Corset 27. Scent 28. Dominant 29. Submissive 30. Kinky
31. Erection 32. Champagne 33. Cuddle 34. Foreplay 35. Intercourse
36. Afterglow 37. Cherries 38. Fingers 39. Suckle 40. Virgins
41. Sluts 42. Relationships 43. Talking Dirty 44. Sweet Nothings 45. Proposition
46. Bottom 47. Top 48. Cunning 49. Heart 50. Heated
51. Lips 52. Role Play 53. Threesome 54. Self-Love 55. Voyeur
56. Cyber 57. Phone Encounter 58. Strangers 59. Best Friends 60. Enemies
61. Slick 62. Wet 63. Deep 64. Dirty 65. Bad
66. Wrong 67. Writer's Choice 68. Writer's Choice 69. Writer's Choice

[Writing Challenge] 30enemies | Dreamscape - Harmony Rey & Griffith Brannigan

Found here.

1. narcissism 2. fools 3. honor 4. annihilate 5. betrayal
6. complex system 7. seven sins 8. inhuman 9. gamble 10. thorns
11. wound 12. torture 13. mutual 14. lock without a key 15. midnight
16. asylum 17. foreshadowing 18. secrets 19. hell 20. king or queen
21. banana 22. sword 23. poison 24. true hatred 25. trespassing
26. blackmail 27. demonic angel 28. mercy 29. death 30. finality

[Writing Challenge] alphabetasoup | Parabellum

Found here.

The Mythology Prompts List
A is for Ares. B is for Baal. C is for Charybdis. D is for Dionysus. E is for Egeria.
F is for Fenrir. G is for Gaea. H is for Hades. I is for Isis. J is for Juno.
K is for Kali. L is for Lakshmi. M is for Maui. N is for Nyx. O is for Olokun.
P is for Pangu. Q is for Quatzalcoatl. R is for Ravana. S is for Sedna. T is for Thanatos.
U is for Ulysses. V is for Valhalla. W is for Wyvern. X is for Xanadu. Y is for Yggdrasil.
Z is for Ziggurat.


[Writing Challenge] times-for-three | Parabellum - Sparrow/Frost/Galen

Found here. Claim a threesome or moresome, and write for the prompts.

001.First Kiss 002.Meeting the family 003.Singing along with the radio 004.A summer's night 005.First Glance
006.Stolen moments 007.A stolen kiss 008.Starlight 009.Sleeping in 010.Dealing with paperwork
011.Waiting for help 012.Standing in the rain 013.Staying up late 014.Covered in chocolate 015.Around a campfire
016.Watching the clock 017.Cuddling 018.Making the bed 019.Watching the game 020.Skating
021.Making dinner 022.In the emergency room 023.Dinner for three 024.Anniversary party 025.Picnic in the park
026.Waiting and hoping 027.Movie Night 028.Dancing under the stars 029.Reservation for three 030.Looking for forever

[Writing Challenge] meta-challenge | Parabellum

Found here. Your challenge is to produce ten fics using the principles of metafiction, essentially, fiction about fiction.

01.Character(s) Reading (Fan)fiction 02.Character(s) Writing (Fan)fiction
03.Character(s) Discover(s) Significant Spoilers For Their Own Canon Events. 04.One Of The Characters Is The Author
05.Character(s) Are Aware That They're In A Work Of Fiction (and express this). 06.A Pre-Existing Fic Is Retold From Another Character's Point Of View
07.A Pre-Existing Fic Is Retold In Another Fic Genre 08.The Character(s) Do(es) Things Simply Because That's What They Would Expect A Character In A Book/Movie/TV Show To Do
09.Story Has Extensive Footnotes, Which Continue The Story Whilst Commenting On It 10.The Author Is Not A Character, But Interacts With The Character(s)

[Writing Challenge] mission-insane | Parabellum - Sparrow

Found here. Complete twenty prompt tables, each with ten prompts. You must complete two of the Themed tables, two of the Un-Themed tables, two of the ‘Inspired By’ tables, and two of the Genre tables. Beyond that it’s your choice.

The Tables: Master Table | Themed Tables | Non-Theme Tables | "Inspired By" Tables | Genre Tables | Technical Tables | Bonus Crazy Prompt Table

01. Vacation 02. Colors 03. Un-Themed 5 04. Un-Themed 6
05. Movie Inspiration 06. Novel Inspiration 07. Crossover 08. Meta
09. Emotions 10. Romance 11. Saucy 12. Cliches
13. Fairy Tales 14. Songs 15. Femslash 16. Hurt/Comfort
17. PWP 18. Quotes 19. The Body 20. Games

[Writing Challenge] 30-children | Parabellum - (Frost/Sparrow/)Simon/Nadia

Found here. The goal here is to take a character, pairing or fandom and write about the children they will or could have in the future.

1. special delivery or news 2. trouble 3. shotgun wedding 4. never let go 5. kiss goodbye
6. unexpected love 7. sunshine 8. missed me 9. out of line 10. upset
11. scraped knees 12. nightmares 13. yellow 14. midnight snack 15. peek-a-boo
16. all grown up 17. hug 18. drinks 19. stuffed animal 20. blowing bubbles
21. father/mother-daughter/son time 22. monster under the bed 23. prom night 24. driver's license 25. bad news
26. name 27. lullaby 28. slamming doors 29. run away 30. family business

1. first day of school 2. unwanted visitor 3. television 4. sugar high 5. park
6. lie 7. truth 8. life and death 9. birthday 10. #10
11. teenage rebellion 12. father's day / mother's day 13. pets 14. road trip 15. homework
16. How I Met _____ 17. "Oh..." 18. first time 19. broken bones 20. old times or "In my day..."
21. pinned down 22. smalltalk 23. first time alone 24. porn on the computer 25. hate
26. love 27. rainstorm 28. science fiction 29. restless 30. children

[Writing Challenge] 30-lies | Parabellum - Sparrow/Frost

Found here. Remember, every story should include some kind of lie.

1. liar paradox (definition) 2. secret 3. cover-up 4. being watched 5. half-truth
6. slander 7. make-believe or fantasy 8. pinocchio 9. a tangled web 10. lie detector or truth serum
11. self-deceit 12. blind trust 13. shadows 14. means to an end 15. lies-to-children (definition)
16. cry wolf 17. newspaper or history book 18. exposed 19. rationalization 20. masquerade
21. a not-so-honest mistake 22. silence 23. exaggeration 24. stolen 25. a diplomatic solution
26. misunderstanding 27. cheat 28. keeping track 29. flattery 30. lie

[Writing Challenge] 30-friends | Parabellum - Sparrow & Nadia

Found here.

1. platonic love 2. gifts 3. late night conversation 4. walk beside me 5. hidden treasures
6. promise? 7. an ugly shirt 8. secrets and lies 9. the third wheel 10. a night out
11. a night in 12. argument 13. long-distance 14. fair weather friend, rainy day friend 15. comfortable silence
16. party! 17. jealousy 18. some advice 19. lunchtime 20. making mischief
21. common ground 22. a favor 23. fair trade 24. "True friends stab you in the front." 25. forgiveness
26. passing notes 27. practice 28. golden thread 29. silver lining 30. friends forever

[Writing Challenge] Pretentious Perversion 69 | Parabellum

Found here. The gimmick of this one is in the words--they're unusual or archaic terms for sexual practices or phenomena, with a few neutral words thrown in for good measure. (The words have been culled from Depraved and Insulting English, a dictionary by Peter Novobatzky and Ammon Shea.)

The challenge is to write a drabble, fanfic, or even a sentence for each word, although not necessarily in order. The story doesn't necessarily have to use the word (although it can), just be inspired by it.

001. Acokoinonia 002. Agrexophrenia 003. Amychesis 004. Bastinado 005. Bivirist
006. Cacocallia 007. Coprolalia 008. Cyesolagnia 009. Demivierge 010. Dyspareunia
011. Elaterium 012. Epicaricacy 013. Feague 014. Fream 015. Frottage
016. Genicon 017. Gugusse 018. Gunsel 019. Herquitic 020. Hybristophiliac
021. Iatronudia 022. Imparlibidinous 023. Insilarius 024. Ithyphallophobia 025. Jarble
026. Jugulate 027. Kleptolagnia 028. Kordax 029. Legruita 030. Liffy
031. Mageria 032. Meupareunia 033. Micturient 034. Necrosadism 035. Nympholepsy
036. Obsolagnium 037. Omnifutuant 038. Osphresiophilia 039. Paraphiliac 040. Poger
041. Priapism 042. Pronovalent 043. Proxenetism 044. Psychrotic 045. Rectalgia
046. Retifism 047. Retrocopulation 048. Sacofricosis 049. Scopophilia 050. Skimmington
051. Spermatoschesis 052. Spintry 053. Spoffokins 054. Stasivalence 055. Sthenolagnia
056. Strene 057. Synechthry 058. Tarassis 059. Tittery-whoppet 060. Tribadism
061. Troilism 062. Uranian 063. Uxoravalent 064. Uxorovalent 065. Vaginismus
066. Vernalagnia 067. Vetanda 068. Wittold 069. Yaldson

Acokoinonia: Sex without passion.
Agrexophrenia: The inability to perform sexually, for fear of being overheard.
Amychesis: Involuntary scratching of a partner's back during sex.
Bastinado: To beat the soles of the feet with a stick or club.
Bivirist: A woman who enjoys sex with two men at the same time.
Cacocallia: The state of being ugly but still sexually attractive.
Coprolalia: Sexual gratification from indecent language.
Cyesolagnia: Sexual attraction to pregnant women.
Demivierge: A woman who is sexually active or promiscuous while still retaining her virginity.
Dyspareunia: Sex that is extremely difficult, uncomfortable, or painful.
Elaterium: The juice of the Squirting Cucumber (botanical usage).
Epicaricacy: Joy or pleasure at the misfortune of others.
Feague: To insert a live eel or pinch of ginger into the anus of a horse to make it lively. (Can be used figuratively; to cheer up or excite someone through drastic means.)
Fream: To roar in the fashion of a boar in mating season.
Frottage: To rub up against someone else (often a stranger) to achieve sexual release.
Genicon: A partner imagined during sex to facilitate pleasure.
Gugusse: A young homosexual with a penchant for priests.
Gunsel: The orally passive member of a homosexual union, OR a man who is proficient at firearms. (From the nickname "gansel," which means "little goose." Used in "The Maltese Falcon" where it acquired its second usage.)
Herquitic (spelling modernized, originally "hirquiticke"): An adolescent (specifically past fourteen) in the throes of a sexual awakening.
Hybristophiliac: One who becomes sexually aroused from being with a violent criminal.
Ithyphallophobia: The fear of seeing, having, or thinking about an erect penis.
Iatronudia: The pretense of illness in order to be allowed to disrobe in front of a doctor.
Imparlibidinous: Pertaining to an unequal state of desire between two people.
Insilarius: One who deliberately dispenses bad advice.
Jarble: To spatter with something.
Jugulate: To throttle or attack by the neck.
Kleptolagnia: Sexual excitement from stealing.
Kordax: A Dionysian dance to celebrate the phallus.
Legruita: A fine levied for undue familiarity with a woman.
Liffy: To seduce a woman with promises of fidelity, and then desert her.
Mageira: Sublimation of sexual desire through cooking.
Meupareunia: Sexual activity in which only one partner is gratified.
Micturient: Feeling a strong desire to urinate.
Necrosadism: Sexual gratification from the mutilation of dead bodies.
Nympholepsy: An erotic daydream trance. (A person in the thrall of nympholepsy is known as a nympholept.)
Obsolagnium: The fading of sexual desire in old age.
Omnifutuant: Prone to engage in sexual activity with anything.
Osphresiophilia: Sexual excitement from smells.
Paraphiliac: A person addicted to unorthodox or unusual sexual practices.
Poger: A passive, older male homosexual.
Priapism: Constant, painful erection without sexual excitement.
Pronovalent: Only able to achieve sexual satisfaction while lying down.
Proxenetism: Pimping or insistent matchmaking performed by a female.
Psychrotic: Sexually frigid.
Rectalgia: Pain in the rectum.
Retifism: Foot fetishism.
Retrocopulation: Copulation with both partners facing away from each other.
Sacofricosis: Rubbing of the genitals through one's pants pocket.
Scopophilia: Interest in sexual imagery, particularly in lieu of actual sex.
Skimmington: An event in which a cuckold (man whose wife cheats on him) is publicly ridiculed.
Spermatoschesis: The suppression of ejaculation.
Spintry: A male prostitute.
Spoffokins: A prostitute posing as a spouse.
Stasivalence: Only able to achieve sexual satisfaction while standing.
Sthenolagnia: Sexual excitement in a woman resulting from a display of strength or prowess.
Strene: To copulate, said of a dog, or in the fashion of a dog.
Synechthry: The state of living together in enmity.
Tarassis: Male hysteria.
Tittery-whoppet: An archaic euphemism for the vagina.
Tribadism: Any rubbing of the clitoris that results in orgasm (usually between women).
Troilism: Sex between three partners.
Uranian: Obsolete word for a homosexual.
Uxoravalent: Only able to have sex with one's wife.
Uxorovalent: Only able to have sex with anyone but one's wife.
Vaginismus: Spasmodic tightening of the vaginal muscles resulting from an extreme aversion to penetration.
Vernalagnia: Heightened sexual desire in the springtime.
Vetanda: A thing that should not be done.
Wittold: A man who knows about his wife's infidelity but does not care, or is satisfied with the situation.
Yaldson: The son of a whore.

[Writing Challenge] 30sexyfics | Parabellum - Sparrow

Found here.

A sexual incident of some kind must take place in each fic. These do not have to be heavily detailed or pornographic. The character(s), pairing, or threesome in focus do not have to be the ones involved in the sex.

Theme List #1: Standard Themes

1. pent up frustrations 2. waiting for you 3. filling five senses 4. trapped, imprisoned, and/or bound 5. getting carried away
6. we shouldn't and/or we can't 7. can't help thinking about it 8. visually appealing 9. please don't and/or please do 10. for you, I would
11. "Pervert!" 12. perfection and/or flaws 13. unexpected guests 14. the first time and/or not the first time 15. student and teacher
16. an interloper and/or a third party 17. hard to get 18. simple pleasures 19. "I'd eat that ____ off his/her ____." 20. keep the light on
21. touch 22. "Just what did we do last night?" 23. the art of seduction 24. forbidden territory 25. SEX NOW.
26. Does this come with a manual? 27. taking responsibility and/or shotgun wedding 28. a shower and/or in the rain 29. what we are together 30. the ultimate expression or love is cheap

[Writing Challenge] over-look | Parabellum - Izzy Bitca

Found here.
...specifically for those minor characters -- ones that are named in canon but little else, or recurring characters, or ones that are rarely given attention in fic. You may claim a minor character alone, a pairing or group of minor characters, or a minor character in a relationship (romantic or otherwise) with other characters.
It looks like this challenge doesn't actually extend to original fiction, but I'm nicking the prompts to give one of my own minor characters some love.

Table One
1. faith 2. a bad feeling 3. color 4. pride 5. playing dead*
6. company 7. before 8. betrayal 9. luck 10. second

Table Two
1. light 2. gain 3. control 4. precious 5. eyes
6. protect 7. quiet 8. after 9. reasons 10. impossible

Table Three
1. exposed 2. corner 3. presence 4. center 5. kiss
6. peace 7. dirt 8. stories 9. hypocracy 10. bite

Table Four
1. hard 2. overlooked 3. fatigue 4. safe 5. intentions
6. drive 7. joke 8. myth 9. thoughtful 10. death
Table Five
1. proverb 2. distance 3. easy 4. temperature 5. shades of grey
6. gap 7. lonely 8. fancy free 9. home 10. friendship
Table Six
1. open 2. strangers 3. outside 4. entertainment 5. romance
6. anger 7. opportunity 8. ocean 9. picky 10. flying
Table Seven
1. bridge 2. smile 3. curse 4. rain 5. cheerful
6. game 7. imagination 8. miss 9. appropriate 10. take
Table Eight
1. weather 2. breakdown 3. running 4. rules 5. watching
6. bombshell 7. importance 8. time 9. again 10. loss

This work contains seriously dark and/or disturbing content; make sure you read the AO3 tags and/or trigger warning(s) before you choose to read.

[Writing Challenge] 15pairings | Parabellum

Found here.

The (Standard*) Pairings
  1. Sparrow/Frost
  2. Simon/Nadia
  3. Sparrow/Simon
  4. Sparrow/Nadia
  5. Frost/Simon
  6. Frost/Nadia
  7. Loretta/Suri/Sparrow
  8. Sparrow/Seth
  9. Sparrow/Galen
  10. Frost/Galen
  11. Felix/Juliana
  12. Nadia/Kieran
  13. Sparrow/Kieran
  14. Damian/Valentina/Donald
  15. Izzy/Octavian
*if a prompt calls to mind a better option, I might swap one or more of these out for other, rarer pairings

Table One
1. something sweet 2. pick me up 3. only playing / pretending 4. Look who's on top! 5. flower(s)
6. elope 7. cherry flavor medicine 8. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" 9. meow 10. indecent exposure
11. pain 12. between the sheets 13. "What a waste." 14. First come, first serve! 15. Consummation

Table Two
1. musical chairs 2. triangle 3. stormy 4. roll over 5. "I have to go."
6. morning after 7. anger 8. silence 9. water 10. "Don't forget!"
11. lost 12. cold 13. stupid smile 14. kiss 15. breakup

Table Three
1. once upon a time 2. "You've got two choices." 3. separation anxiety 4. practice makes perfect 5. "Shut up and listen."
6. piggyback ride 7. up close and personal 8. misery loves company 9. photograph 10. together
11. mind games 12. love/hate relationship 13. star gazing 14. friends first, lovers second 15. always a bridesmaid

Table Four
1. ladykiller 2. secret sin 3. mercy or no mercy 4. pain is pleasure 5. "It's not real."
6. resentment 7. devil's advocate 8. what lies within 9. "Show some respect!" 10. "I love the rainy nights."
11. inconsequential 12. no escape from being alone 13. "Live to the point of tears." 14. sharp rocks at the bottom 15. falling but not saved

Table Five
1. we are going to change 2. four seasons 3. "Go ahead." 4. illusion 5. "There are some feelings that will never change."
6. spin the bottle 7. cards 8. library 9. dark chocolate 10. gate
11. "I will." 12. paradise 13. restraurant 14. truth or dare 15. cure

Table Six
1. be careful 2. secrets 3. first kiss 4. too good to be true 5. rescue me
6. apology 7. "I didn't expect that!" 8. thoughtful 9. snow 10. play to win
11. are you really Heaven-sent? 12. oblivious 13. hope 14. why bother 15. never, forever

Table Seven
1. running in place 2. stop 3. something that lasts 4. marriage 5. "Make me."
6. cliche 7. drunk 8. chemistry 9. "Let's do something crazy!" 10. behind the scenes
11. men 12. opposites attract 13. revelations 14. fifteen 15. obsessions

[Writing Challenge] 24-times | Parabellum

Found here.

01.The first time. 02.The best time. 03.The worst time. 04.The last time.
05.Time flies. 06.Time changes. 07.Time heals. 08.Time stops.
09.Timing is everything. 10.Remember the good times. 11.At times like this. 12.The time was right.
13.Time is an illusion. 14.It was time to go. 15.Time waits for no man. 16.It was time to forgive.
17.Day time. 18.Night time. 19.Next time. 20.Every time.
21.About time. 22.Extra time. 23.In time. 24.Out of time.


01. The first time. 02. The second time. 03. The third time. 04. The fourth time.
05. The fifth time. 06. The sixth time. 07. The seventh time. 08. The eighth time.
09. The ninth time. 10. The tenth time. 11. The eleventh time. 12. The twelfth time.
13. The thirteenth time. 14. The fourteenth time. 15. The fifteenth time. 16. The sixteenth time.
17. The seventeenth time. 18. The eighteenth time. 19. The nineteenth time. 20. The twentieth time.
21. The twenty-first time. 22. The twenty-second time. 23. The twenty-third time. 24. The twenty-fourth time.


01.01:00 02.02:00 03.03:00 04.04:00
05.05:00 06.06:00 07.07:00 08.08:00
09.09:00 10.10:00 11.11:00 12.12:00
13.13:00 14.14:00 15.15:00 16.16:00
17.17:00 18.18:00 19.19:00 20.20:00
21.21:00 22.22:00 23.23:00 24.24:00


heroesprompts | Sylar/Claire(/Peter)

Found here.

01.Power 02.Regret 03.Ex-Lover 04.Birthday 05.Nightmare
06.Dark 07.Fight 08.Dance 09.Heartsick 10.Sacrifice
11.Dream 12.Red 13.Revenge 14.Destiny 15.Death
16.Temptation 17.Misunderstanding 18.Years 19.Birth 20.Snuggle
21.Rome 22.Journey 23.Reunion 24.Agendas 25.Children
26.Christmas 27.Drunk 28.Sydney 29.Betrayed 30.Paris
31.Magical 32.Acceptance 33.Jealous 34.Lost 35.Slutty

01.Truth 02.Lies 03.Unconditional 04.Pain 05.Forever
06.Never 07.Learn 08.Music 09.Grief 10.Tragedy
11.Destruction 12.Gift 13.Serenade 14.Lullaby 15.Spiritual
16.Shopping 17.Hungry 18.Young 19.Old 20.Tradition
21.Addiction 22.Air 23.Flowers 24.Enthralled 25.Incompatible
26.Paternal 27.Maternal 28.Journal/Diary 29.Laughter 30.Seduction
31.Unforgiving 32.Penance 33.Envy 34.Choice 35.Sinner

October 25, 2015

[Writing Challenge] lover100 | Parabellum - Sparrow

Found here. Claims can be a pairing, a triad, a character, or a series.

General Table
001. Beginnings. 002. Middles. 003. Ends. 004. Firsts. 005. Friends.
006. Hours. 007. Days. 008. Weeks. 009. Months. 010. Years.
011. Lovers. 012. Strangers. 013. Love. 014. Too Much. 015. Not Enough.
016. Simple. 017. Complicated. 018. Accident. 019. Addicted. 020. Smell.
021. Sound. 022. Touch. 023. Taste. 024. Sunrise. 025. Sunset.
026. Breakfast. 027. Lunch. 028. Dinner. 029. Vacation. 030. Date.
031. Time. 032. Birthday. 033. Thanksgiving. 034. Christmas. 035. Valentine.
036. Secrets. 037. Hurt. 038. Threesome. 039. Kink. 040. Lies.
041. Passion. 042. Hidden. 043. Confession. 044. Discovery. 045. Truth.
046. Betrayal. 047. Dream. 048. Nightmare. 049. Lost. 050. Emotion.
051. Epiphany. 052. Sex. 053. Denial. 054. Jealousy. 055. Greed.
056. Lust. 057. Hands. 058. Lips. 059. Kiss. 060. Crush.
061. Winter. 062. Spring. 063. Summer. 064. Fall. 065. Anniversaries.
066. Romantic. 067. Union. 068. Afraid. 069. Safe. 070. Protection.
071. Broken. 072. Fixed. 073. Heat. 074. Night. 075. Shade.
076. Who? 077. What? 078. Where? 079. When? 080. Why?
081. How? 082. If. 083. And. 084. He. 085. Them.
086. Choices. 087. Life. 088. Fight. 089. Work. 090. Home.
091. Peace. 092. Bedroom. 093. Gentle. 094. Independence. 095. New Year.
096. Writer‘s Choice. 097. Writer‘s Choice. 098. Writer‘s Choice. 099. Writer‘s Choice. 100. Writer‘s Choice.

Romantic Table
001. Romance. 002. Beauty. 003. Forgiveness. 004. Regret. 005. Discovery.
006. First Meeting. 007. Hardest Truth. 008. Resolutions. 009. Anything. 010. Home.
011. Intimacy. 012. Self-Love. 013. Kisses. 014. Frustration. 015. Pressure.
016. Absurd. 017. Forbidden. 018. Honesty. 019. Grace. 020. Laughter.
021. Confidence. 022. Happiness. 023. Sexy. 024. Tears. 025. Growth.
026. Sensuality. 027. Faith. 028. Night. 029. Day. 030. Innocence.
031. Music. 032. Water. 033. Love. 034. Ambiguity. 035. Act.
036. Whew. 037. Anger. 038. Dirt. 039. Trust. 040. Heat.
041. Summer Love. 042. Patience. 043. Opportunity. 044. Death. 045. Passion.
046. Healing. 047. Life. 048. Joy. 049. Freedom. 050. Bliss.
051. Dreams. 052. Kinky. 053. Haunted. 054. Emergence. 055. Transmogrify.
056. Magnetic. 057. Surreal. 058. Passage. 059. Lush. 060. Could Have.
061. Would Have. 062. Should Have. 063. Hunger. 064. Need. 065. Want.
066. Take. 067. Have. 068. Mine. 069. Yours. 070. Lubricious.
071. Lugubrious. 072. Perspective. 073. Capering. 074. Empathy. 075. Sympathy.
076. Mirth. 077. Almost. 078. Always. 079. Surprise. 080. Warmth.
081. Heartache. 082. Ghosts. 083. Break-Up. 084. Make-Up. 085. Diary.
086. Voice. 087. Biggest Fear. 088. Warning. 089. Everything. 090. Nothing.
091. Failure. 092. Success. 093. Glimpse. 094. Sanctuary. 095. Picture.
096. Writer‘s Choice. 097. Writer‘s Choice. 098. Writer‘s Choice. 099. Writer‘s Choice. 100. Writer‘s Choice.

Sexual Table
001. Writer's Choice. 002. Writer's Choice. 003. Writer's Choice. 004. Writer's Choice. 005. Writer's Choice.
006. Uniform. 007. Hands. 008. Fingers. 009. Muscles. 010. Neck.
011. Silk. 012. Satin. 013. Lace. 014. Leather. 015. Latex.
016. Tattoo. 017. Branding. 018. Slave. 019. Master. 020. Own/Owned.
021. Wax. 022. Bondage. 023. Masturbation. 024. Handcuffs. 025. Dominant.
026. Submissive. 027. Threesome. 028. Role Play. 029. Blindfold. 030. Dirty.
031. Wrong. 032. Top. 033. Bottom. 034. Cuddle. 035. Foreplay.
036. Slow. 037. Fast. 038. Hard. 039. Soft. 040. Fetish.
041. Passionate. 042. Kink. 043. Lick. 044. Virgin. 045. Erection.
046. Tongue. 047. Sweat. 048. Massage. 049. Grasp. 050. Relationship.
051. Suck. 052. Bite. 053. Voyeur. 054. Rough. 055. Thrust.
056. Trust. 057. Pain. 058. Writhe. 059. Scream. 060. Control.
061. Secret. 062. Strip. 063. Harness. 064. Shield. 065. Bed.
066. Table. 067. Couch. 068. Floor. 069. Tease. 070. Protection.
071. Broken. 072. Wet. 073. Dream. 074. Slick. 075. Scent.
076. Strangers. 077. Slut. 078. Hot. 079. Breathe. 080. Whimper.
081. Beg. 082. Strained. 083. Ring. 084. Restrain. 085. Whisper.
086. Choices. 087. Life. 088. Throat. 089. Toys. 090. Afterglow.
091. Taut. 092. Pant. 093. Gasp. 094. Feather. 095. Command.
096. Writer‘s Choice.

097. Writer‘s Choice. 098. Writer‘s Choice. 099. Writer‘s Choice. 100. Writer‘s Choice.