April 8, 2017

50harlequins | Parabellum - Sparrow/Frost

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01. Pirate King and Captive 02. Arabian Sheik 03. Master and Slave 04. Barbarian Warrior and Captive 05. Stranded in the Storm
06. Cop and a victim or witness he's protecting 07. Spy v Spy 08. Vampire and Human 09. Witch and non-Witch 10. Boss and Employee
11. Unexpected baby [a] 12. Master of the Manor and Governess 13. Rich Lord and a Poor Orphan trying to save her Home or Family 14. Prim Frontier Schoolmistress and a Civil War Veteran trying to escape his Past 15. On Opposite sides [b]
16. Indian Brave and Settler 17. Teacher and Single Parent 18. Investigator and Client [c] 19. Frontier Doctor and a Patient who is a Wanted Man 20. At the Rodeo
21. Rugged Rancher/Cowboy and a City Girl 22. Cop and an Amnesiac Accident Victim 23. Spoiled Rich Girl and a Poor Boy 24. Grieving Widower and his Neighbour/Workmate 25. Fleeing an Unwanted Suitor
26. Escaped Prisoner and his Hostage 27. Bachelor Auction 28. Wake up Married 29. Mail Order Bride 30. Mistaken Identity
31. Hooker and Wealthy Client 32. Fireman and Rescued Victim 33. Long-Separated Lovers 34. Ski Instructor and Snow Bunny 35. Cop and Suspect
36. Playboy and his more serious Neighbour or Employee 37. Willing to do Anything for Money 38. Secret Royalty 39. Divorcee and a Mysterious Stranger 40. Must Marry to Inherit
41. Trophy Wife and Chauffeur/Pool Boy [d] 42. Nobleman and Penniless Orphaned Relative 43. Highwayman 44. Princess and Bodyguard 45. Running from an Arranged Marriage and Falling for a Stranger who turns out to be the Groom
46. Blackmailed into Marriage 47. Indecent Proposal 48. He swore off women after being hurt, they're all deceitful. Then he met her, but what is she hiding? 49. Marriage as a Business Arrangement 50. Revenge

April 5, 2017

[Dear Writer] Night on Fic Mountain 2017

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[Dear Writer] Soul Exchange 2017

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[Dear Writer] Jukebox 2017


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[Dear Writer] All in the Family 2017

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March 20, 2017

[Icons] The Nanny S01E07 - Imaginary Friend

Solo Characters | Fran (2) - CC - Maggie - Grace


Groups of Characters | Grace & Brighton - Fran & Brighton - Fran, Grace, & Brighton - Fran & Grace (2) - Maxwell, Fran, & Grace - Maxwell/Fran - CC & Fran


Bonus | Grace's Therapist

March 18, 2017

[Icons] The Nanny S01E06 - The Butler, The Husband, The Wife, And Her Mother

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