April 5, 2017

[Dear Writer] Night on Fic Mountain 2017

General Stuff

  • Kinks
    • Femdom (F/m) is definitely my favorite kink. (I'm not a huge fan of F/f, though.)
    • dubcon 
      • My preference here is for the female character (if there is one*) to either be in control or to struggle for it. Seeing female characters in het pairings actually submit is a big turn-off for me. (*If we're talking M/M or F/F or poly involving multiple women, though, I'm pretty much good with any variety of dubcon. And if we're talking monsters... go fucking nuts.)
    • older man/younger woman (or older man/younger man)
    • jealousy and voyeurism
      • I love outside perspective porn in which the character who's watching is jealous of one or both (or more?) participants. Maybe they end up joining in, maybe they fantasize about joining in, maybe they masturbate, maybe they're scheming on how to get involved (or break the couple up?), etcetera, etcetera. I love it.
    • humiliation
      • I enjoy reading F/m or M/m sexual humiliation (provided it's either full con or dubcon and doesn't focus on shaming the sub or victim's weight, gender/orientation/race, mental illness, or past sexual abuse).
    • feminization
      • Please only use feminization kink for cisgender male characters; please don't write me feminization kink that involves FTM transgender characters.
      • Con or noncon are both fine, but dubcon is spectacular.
    • biting
    • begging
    • orgasm denial / edging
    • And then there's the weird stuff (might be squicky for some people, so highlight to read): 
      • tentacles
      • oviposition (male or female victim; con, dubcon, or noncon)
      • forniphilia
      • watersports (con if het or f/f; con, dubcon, or noncon if m/m or femdom)
      • mindbreak (of male victims)
I (Usually) Prefer Not to Read:
  • redemption of the villain
  • explicit (non-poly) F/F sex
  • issuefic
  • gender identity or sexual orientation headcanons
  • anything sexual involving anyone under the age of sixteen
  • Alternate Universes and Crossovers other than those explicitly requested.
  • genderswap
I Definitely Do Not Want: 
  • fem!sub (unless it's a relationship with multiple women)
  • maiming or loss of limbs, organs, or senses
  • gore, torture porn, snuff, necrophilia, cannibalism
  • anything sexual involving anyone under the age of fourteen
  • pro-Christian/Jewish/Abrahamic moralizing (stories that utilize these mythologies are welcome; stories that preach or otherwise encourage following religion are wholeheartedly not welcome)
  • mommy/daddy kink
  • scat/farting
  • foot fetish
  • conception/pregnancy/mpreg/fempreg
  • ageplay or infantilism
  • A/B/O
  • character bashing or vilifying


Letter to come!

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